General information:

Where is Commercial Laundry Equipment Co. located?
     Commercial Laundry Equipment Co. is located at: 2507 Jefferson Davis Highway Richmond, VA. 
          Local Ph: (804) 231-9668
          Fax: (804) 233-5619 
What states does Commercial Laundry Equipment Co. serve?
     Commercial Laundry Equipment provides equipment, parts, and service throughout Virginia.

Equipment Sales:

What types of equipment does Commercial Laundry Equipment sell?
     Commercial Laundry Equipment Co.  Inc. was established in 1977 and has been the area’s dominant and trusted laundry equipment distributor.  
     We  also delight in the fact that we not only sell great equipment, but we offer a superior group for servicing that equipment and have an extensive     
     parts inventory for all your laundry needs.
What lines of equipment does Commercial Laundry Equipment sell?
     Commercial Laundry is an authorized dealer for Continental Girbau, Dexter,  ESD, Card Concepts payment systems, Hamilton Engineering, R&B Wire, 
     Caco Mfg./ Sol-O-matic, Standard Change-Makers, AND Vend-Rite Mfg.
Who should I contact if I am interested in purchasing equipment?
     You can contact our sales team at (804) 231-9668 during regular office hours of 8am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, or you can email 
     us anytime at office@commlaundry.com
Can Commercial Laundry help with laying out my store?
     Commercial Laundry Equipment Co. is experienced when it comes to starting up new laundry facilities. We offer the support you need to start 
     your business and keep your equipment operating to keep your customers happy.


What types of equipment does Commercial Laundry Equipment service?
     Commercial Laundry’s trained technicians not only service the brands we sell, their knowledge and abilities allow them to service a wide variety 
     of makes and models of commercial laundry equipment.
When I place a service call, how long will it take for a technician to respond to my facility?
     Our goal is to reach a facility in the shortest time possible once a service call is placed.  Timeliness is a factor of dedication, and we are truly 
     dedicated to supporting our customers.
Will I have to wait long to receive my parts once the problem has been diagnosed?
     Commercial Laundry Equipment’s fully stocked vehicles provide our customers with the parts they needed for a quick and timely
     fix to keep their equipment running smoothly, and our parts department is equipped to order any other parts that are needed to get the job done.


What types of parts does Commercial Laundry Equipment sell?
     Since 1977, we have been serving Virginia, and have a parts department that works closely with the service department to provide the right parts
     for your needs.  We not only stock parts for the equipment that we sell, we stock parts for other brands of equipment, and if we do not have the 
     part in stock, we are able to find it and get it for you as quickly and easily as we can.
How do I order parts from Commercial Laundry?
     Here are a couple of ways to order parts from us:
        •	Call us at (804) 231-9668, Monday through Friday from 8am - 4:30pm.
              o	Or leave us a message over the weekend as well.
        •	You can email us at tbrittle@commlaundry.com. 
How quickly will I receive the parts I ordered?
     Our system gets your order out correctly and quickly, most often the same day.